• History

    At first, I was afraid to start my own watch company because I had no idea how to reach out to factories or designers. But when I finally mustered the courage, I decided to turn my passion into a business. I reached out to a designer and asked them to create a watch for me. They suggested making a collection of at least 100 watches, so I took the risk and put all my passion and love into the design. To my surprise, the collection sold out quickly, proving that people connected with my passion. I started speaking to watch enthusiasts and influential individuals in Kuwait, and they all fell in love with my first collection. And that's where our story begins.


To me, wearing a watch is more than just telling time. It's about enhancing your look, style, and confidence. Sure, you can check the time on your phone, but wearing a watch adds value and completes your overall appearance.

  • Why BSHQRF?

    Well, I've always struggled with finding time for my family amidst my busy schedule. I wanted a constant reminder of them and a way for my children to carry on my legacy. BSHQRF stands for the initials of my wife, children, and myself.

  • inspiration

    I find my inspiration from my passion for watches. Whenever I go on a trip, I make it a point to spend at least 10-15 minutes exploring local watch boutiques. I enjoy observing the designs, discovering new collections, and gaining inspiration from the latest trends, mechanisms, and materials used in watchmaking.